Our company the Szájekk Szolgáltató Bt. is dealing with packaging solutions.

We are producing standing pouches from 200 ml to 1 litre capacity. They are made for storing food, pet foods, cosmetics, detergents, and a lot more types of products.

Nowadays the successful marketing requires that the packaging of the produtcs needs to be professional.

The professional packaging is a key for a successful product.

We can cooperate with our partner in their following needs:

  • designing the packaging materials
  • making samples
  • making graphic designs

Our goal is to make packaging solutions for our partners that meet the following criterias:

  • It is safe, because it protects the product.
  • It is looking good, because it has a large graphic surface.
  • Its price is competitive, because it is made with modern technology.
  • It can be easily handled and stored because it has small size and weight.
  • It is environmental friendly because its weight is optimized.
  • The customer will like it because it can be practically used.